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If you’ve never been to Convention before, you might be wondering what business takes place during our

National Chapter Meetings. Check out the information below to prepare yourself before Convention.

What can I expect during a National Chapter Meeting?

National Convention includes three National Chapter Meetings where members receive policy and program updates from National Council and Fraternity Headquarters. Delegates vote to update or amend Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity’s National Constitution and other policies and elect National Council for the next biennium. All members in good standing can attend the National Chapter Meeting, but only Delegates are allowed to vote.


What to Expect at a National Chapter Meeting

Those who can vote at the National Chapter Meeting include: National Council, Past National Presidents, and a delegate from each collegiate chapter and alumnae association present and eligible.


At the opening meeting, National Council and Past National Presidents process into the meeting room and sit in assigned seats in the front row. Delegates sit in chairs that indicate their chapter or association. Alternate Delegates and visitors sit in seats behind the official delegation.  The National President and the Parliamentarian sit at an elevated table facing the Convention body as she presides over the National Chapter Meetings, which follow Parliamentary Procedure. The Parliamentarian and a stenographer keep minutes of all the proceedings.

Before Convention, National Council appoints registered collegians to serve as pages. Pages make sure everyone who enters the meeting room has a name tag indicating they are members and helps people find their seats if needed.

The first National Chapter Meeting serves as a welcome and introduction, along with a presentation of the State of the Fraternity. The second meeting includes the adoption of the Nominating Committee report and the election of National Council. The final meeting discusses updates, legislation and business. No photographs or recordings are ever allowed during National Chapter Meetings. The doors are secured after the meeting begins and no one may re-enter if they leave. Late arrivals will have to wait outside the room and can enter the room if allowed by the National President. You don’t want to arrive late as you will miss important information, and you may not be allowed in!

We hope this gives you an idea of the overall format of a National Chapter Meeting so you can feel prepared and know what to expect!

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