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In addition to our tradition of Shining Stars, the Foundation is also hosting two virtual events for donors. Learn more below.

Shining Stars

A Convention year tradition since 2009, Shining Stars are a way to let Sisters near and far know you are thinking of them. Shining Stars are a way to honor a Sister who has had a significant impact on your life, a Sister you miss, a Sister you'd like to reconnect with, your Big or Little Sister, a Sister you volunteered with, or a Sister you simply want to make smile. Shining Star recipients will receive an automatic email at the time of your gift as well as a follow up note letting them know you sent a Star in their honor.  

With your donation to the Foundation, you support Fraternity programs like the Leadership Coach Program, Convention speakers, CliftonStrengths™ education, A Clear Vision of Life Alumnae education programs, GreekLifeEdu and justice, diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

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