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Board Nominations

Alpha Xi Delta’s Committee on Leadership invites you to apply or recommend Sisters to serve on the Fraternity’s 2023-25 National Council, the 2023-25 National Housing Corporation, and the Foundation’s 2023-27 Board of Trustees

by filling out the form below.

Applications/Recommendations are due February 1, 2023.

Members may self-nominate or submit recommendations to the Committee on Leadership. From there, the Committee on Leadership will review the applications, conduct phone or virtual interviews, and prepare a slate of candidates for each board to be voted on at National Convention.   


As you consider joining one of our Alpha Xi Delta boards, please familiarize yourself with the list of expectations for each board listed below. In addition, here are some questions to consider:

  • Is Alpha Xi Delta the right cause and organization for me?

  • Can I work with Alpha Xi Delta and this board at this particular stage in my life?

  • What can I, and what will I, contribute to this organization?

  • What do I want to get out of being on this board?


To apply or make a recommendation, fill out the form below by February 1, 2023. The Committee on Leadership will ensure there is an application on file for any nominated candidates and will review all applications. The Committee will then conduct interviews with individual candidates and prepare a slate of candidates who they believe are best qualified to fulfill the responsibilities and meet the challenges of Alpha Xi Delta's three national boards.  The desired skills sets for each national board can be found in the information below. In addition to these individualized desired skill sets, Alpha Xi Delta is committed to ensuring that each board is diverse and committed to advancing justice, equity, and human dignity, which is directly linked to our core beliefs and foundational values.


By mid-April 2023, the slate and candidates’ resumes are sent to those eligible to vote at the 2023 National Convention.  Questions about the nomination process can be directed to Debbie Maas, Chair of the Committee on Leadership at


Informational Webinar

On January 11, Alpha Xi Delta hosted a webinar featuring panelists who have or are currently serving on one of Alpha Xi Delta’s three national governing boards: the National Council, the Alpha Xi Delta Foundation, and the National Housing Corporation. They discussed why they chose to serve the Fraternity in this way, what skills helped them succeed, and how board service has helped them personally and professionally. You can watch the webinar here.


As the governing board of the Fraternity, National Council represents and acts for the Fraternity in all matters between meetings of the National Chapter. National Council provides leadership, oversight and guidance to fulfill the Fraternity’s vision (Inspiring women to realize their potential) and mission (To enrich the life of every Alpha Xi Delta).


Desired Skills Set:


  • Critical, creative thinking with the ability to look at the facts, explore potential options and solutions, and determine how a decision will impact end users, staff and host institutions.

  • Board governance experience.

  • Financial and business acumen; and/or legal expertise.

  • Higher education administration experience and/or knowledge of current college campus trends.

  • Nonprofit management experience with a volunteer driven organization.

  • Strong interpersonal and organizational culture skills.


Estimated Time Commitment: 

5 hours/week; 3 face-to-face weekend board meetings; monthly 1-hour conference calls


Trustees are expected to be strong representatives of the Foundation, helping to share the mission of the Foundation with current and future donors. They are expected to be leadership giving level Foundation contributors and strongly consider joining the Foundation’s planned giving circle. Trustees help to further the mission of the Foundation through supporting the Fraternity and Foundation’s priority programs and goals. Trustees are responsible for oversight of invested assets, establishing and following prudent investment policies and practices, working with staff regarding fundraising efforts, approve and monitor the annual Foundation budget, and helping to identify, cultivate and steward donors. 

Desired Skills Set:

  • Ability to work with other Trustees as a team to serve the best interests of the Foundation.   

  • Nonprofit management or board governance experience including fundraising/development.  

  • Solid working knowledge of finance such as accounting, cash/treasury management, investment/asset management, and budget review and monitoring.  

  • Ability to serve on one or more working committees.      

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills.   

  • Ability to review an array of program related and financial report and exercise appropriate due diligence.   


Estimated Time Commitment: 

3-5 hours/week; 1 face-to-face annual meeting; quarterly 1-hour conference calls


Financial Expectation: 

Make a leadership gift of at least $1,000 to the Foundation each fiscal year.  Aspire to make a planned gift, i.e., bequest, life insurance policy, charitable trust etc.


National Housing Corporation board members work in conjunction with National Council on housing-related matters and support the NHC’s mission: To strive for competitive, safe, properly maintained and financially secure chapter housing.


Desired Skills Set:


  • Professional property management and/or commercial construction experience.

  • Financial and banking acumen.

  • Interior design experience.

  • Deferred maintenance portfolio experience.

  • Strong working knowledge of marketing and communications.


Estimated Time Commitment: 

5+ hours/week; 1 face-to-face annual meeting; monthly 1-hour conference calls

Leadership App/Nom Form
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